Family photographer Paso Robles ca

Hi, Im Elizabeth the photographer behind 3E Photography. I'm so happy you took a moment to get to know me!

Family photography is where my heart is, watching and capturing real memories that you as a family can share and relive for generations. Having children of my own I understand how fast they grow and how they are ever changing.

Having moments that you all come together to preserve is what I am passionate about. I know how in a fast paced world it’s great to slow down and enjoy some family time with the laughter and the connection. That is what I want to capture for you, the love you have for one another! 

If you are wondering 3E what is that?  My three kids are my world so I dedicated my business to them by incorporating each of them into it.  All of there names start with the letter E and I felt it was the right name for my business, my passion. 

 On most days you can find me at home taking care of my three kids. It's pretty crazy at my house, I won't lie my twins definitely keep me extra busy! So coffee is a must!! I have a addiction to french vanilla coffee creamer (it has to be the coffee mate french vanilla) or it is just not the same. Another thing I love is cats. I have tons of albums of all my cats from when I was little. Back then you use to have to roll the film in the camera. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about I am probably dating myself) But props to my mom for always developing the film of all my cat pictures I took.  Another thing is I absolutely Love FaceTime! My sister lives far away but I FaceTime her about 3 times a day sometimes more. We try to have our morning coffee together, and usually cook meals together. It really makes me feel like we are together. Last but not least; If you know me you would know I love to wear my pajamas. If it was up to me I'd wear them on most days. I'm a mom of three littles and who doesn't like to be comfy!


If your ready to get started and would love some family moments captured, or of your child before they grow up before your eyes, contact me. I'd love to hear about you and your family!

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