Paso Robles Family Photographer | Harvey's Little Heroes 

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Thank you all who came together in Paso Robles CA to raise money for the people affected and displaced by Hurricane Harvey. It was so fun to watch all the kids in their favorite costumes! I did want to highlight one session from the fundraiser. 

This boy was the most excited little guy to put on his costume when he came to his session. It was pure joy to see him all dressed in his Optimus Prime costume and the proud look on his face. 

Paso Robles children photographer

He was your typical boy a little shy at first in front of my camera but then we played a little bit and he got to show me his skills with jumping and his arm that played music and made awesome noises. 

He really loved his time in his costume and was bummed to take it off when our session was over. How adorable is that!! 

A "Hero" is defined as someone who is admired for having courage and being brave. If you missed it and feel like you'd love to be a hero, please give what you can! Below are a few links that will help other families across the globe. 

 Hurricane Harvey:                           Hurricane Irma:                                                Central Mexico Earthquakes:         Wildfires Across the country: 


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