5 tips for taking better brand images

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As a small business owner and entrepreneur you know that the pictures you show can really make a huge difference in how your business is perceived.

You may not be at a place financially to invest in professional images right now, but you still need pictures right? Here are 5 tips for taking better images;

  1. Use props and locations that relate to your brand.

    For example If you want to portray a serine brand, choose a location with color that says peaceful when you are looking at it. You wouldn’t want a bright red backdrop or a busy bold wardrobe for these pictures.

  2. Know why you need these photos and how you plan to use them.

    Is it for your website and you need to be able to add text in the picture? If so you would want a lot of negative space to be able to write your text. Think about specific places you will use them before you start your shoot.

  3. Know your audience. Know who you are speaking to.

    If you don’t know who your audience is click here and download my free guide. By knowing who your audience is, you know what you and they have in common and how you can relate to them on a personal level.

  4. Know the look and feel you are going for so your pictures look cohesive.

    You don’t want to do a shoot and later have a bunch of pictures that look and feel inconstant and poorly put together.

  5. Use window light.

    The best light comes from windows but if you don’t have a lot of light where you are shooting open a door. Tip: Avoid the really bright light that you see, which creates a harsh line on the floor. If you see that, back up so you are not in it, but facing it.

Good luck on your next shoot. I hope my tips help you take better brand images which represent you and your brand. Follow me on instagram @3ephotographyca and tag me with the images you capture. I’d love to know if these tips helped you!

If you are ready to elevate your brand with images that help your audience relate to you and help your business grow, then I’d love to talk to you, Contact me today!

Personal Brand Photographer Paso Robles CA
Personal Brand Photographer Paso Robles CA
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