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A step by step for these easy glitter ornament that I made with my 3 kids. 

Glitter ornament  Paso Robles Family Photos

My daughters speech therapist came over and said she had a fun craft to do with the kids. She pulled out this really fun glitter ornament she made. It was a really simple project that was not a huge mess. (Bonus!) The twins and I made these and they loved getting to pick out the color of glitter they wanted their ornament to be. Twirling them around was the highlight of it all for them. I knew my older son would be a little upset he did not make one, and lets face it I can't have two ornaments from the twins and not have one he made on our tree too! I had all the items ready when he got home. I decided to document it for you here because it really is a simple but cute ornament for you to have or gift to a grandparent.  

What you need:

  1. Plastic ornaments
  2. Elmers glue
  3. Glitter 1 or 2 colors per ornament 

Step one: Take the top off of the ornament and put glue inside. I did not measure but quite a bit was used. (You can always add more)

Glitter ornament Paso Robles Family Photographer

Step two: Add any color glitter you would like and I also just eyeballed it. We did two colors per ornament and it was quite a lot of glitter. A tablespoon I'd say.  

Glitter ornament Paso Robles Family Photographer

Step three: Next is the fun part for the kids. You put the top on and have them twirl the ornament around in their hands and the glue glitter coats the inside of it. (Caution if the glue and glitter are not mixed up the glitter can come out the top so watch your kiddos while spinning.)

Glitter ornament Paso Robles Family Photographer

Step four: Let dry 24-48 hours depending on how much glue you used. Then hang and enjoy!

Optional: You can write their name, the year and even tie a cute ribbon on top to hang it from.  

I hope you and your kids enjoy this as much as our family did! Happy holidays from my family to yours! 

Elizabeth Paso Robles Family Photographer

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