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3 ways to talk about your business without being salesy

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner you have a product or service you might feel like you need to be selling at all times. This is very untrue and can turn your ideal customers away. I have come up with 3 ways to talk about your products or services with out coming off with the intent of selling.

  1. Telling people the benefits of your services. Don’t keep pushing your product with you need this or buy this…. tell them how it can help them, what it does to fix a problem. Tell them the things that happen when using your product.

  2. Tell them your mission. By saying why you love what you do opens up a way to communicate your business without selling to them.

  3. Tell them you're process. By telling them how things work or the things you are doing is such a great way to talk about your business.

I hope these tips help you start thinking of better ways to serve your ideal audience to convert them to customers.

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