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5 questions to ask your branding photographer

As a personal branding photographer I get a lot of questions regarding your personal branding session. I have come up with 5 questions that you may not have thought but need to be asking your photographer who is taking your next branding images. These questions may have never have crossed your mind but they are the top 5 most important things to ask before your next branding photoshoot.

  1. How do you get to know and understand my brand?

    To understand your brand and get you images that are relatable your photographer should be asking you a lot of questions to help understand not only you’re brand, but also you, who you serve, and so much more. You want to be sure the money you spend on images is really helping you relate to your audience and helping them connect with you.

  2. Do I get watermarked images, web sized or full resolution?

    As a professional photographer I know that a lot of professional watermark their images. That is fine for a regular portrait session but is not for a branding session. I think this is a big deal when having branding photos taken. Make sure you understand before you book, if you get web sized files, full resolution, or only watermarked images.

  3. Do I receive commercial use licensing on my images?

    Commercial use license for photography is very different and something you don’t need doing a portrait session. You are having a branding session, a session to be able to sell you and your product or service. A commercial use license is a must!

  4. How long do I get to obtain that commercial license?

    As I said before be sure your photographer provides you with a commercial use license and be sure to ask how long you get that commercial use license. Some photographers cap the use at a few years and some don’t. Be sure you know before you start your session so you don’t have to keep paying a recurring fee to use your own images.

  5. Can I use filters and overlays on my images?

    As a business you are using these images to help your business. You need certain images to have text overlays, certain place for text on a header image. Be sure the photographer you go to knows where and how you will be using your images as well as allowing you to use filters and overlays to customize your photos for your unique business. This is something I see a lot of and it can be frustrating to want to do certain things on your website only to be told this is breach of contract.

I want to make sure you know that not all branding photography is the same and know that the money you are investing is going to grow your business and move you forward. I hope these help you ask the right questions before your next branding session.

As a personal branding photographer getting to know you and your business is my biggest goal! I want you to know I am providing my service to help elevate your business and help you grow your business. If you are ready to up level and be the professional in your field, I’d love to chat with you today!

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