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3 Tips for more engagement on any platform

If you’re an entrepreneur your business in some form is online. As a business online first impressions matter the most. Let’s be honest you have less than 3 seconds to get someone to engage with your post online. Then once you get someone to follow your business you need to be sure to keep them enteracting with your post to keep you relevant in their mind as well as building trust. Here are 3 tips to keep your audience engaged and interacting with your business.

  1. Ask a question. Seems simple right?! I see this so often and know you are missing a lot of engagement because you are mostly talking about you or your products. You are involving your audience and involving them on your journey. Asking questions makes them feel involved and heard.

  2. Be consistent. Start small! If you know you only have three days to really focus on start there and keep doing it. Once you feel you’ve kept at it and want to move to five days a week, do so. Be sure that however many days you want to show up you keep at it.

  3. Show YOU in your feed. You are not the first person to say but I sell a product, or I sell a service….. Yes but that is what you sell or what you provide but your clients don’t buy just products. They buy from trustworthy and relatable people, someone they feel honored to stand behind and feel good about their purchase. You are the missing link that connects you to your audience to gain more business.

I hope this helps you understand that that your presence online is not about you it is about your audience. Your ideal customers are there waiting to be seen and heard. Just remember to bring them in on the conversation on a consistent basis, and as always I will say it every time….. You need to show up on every platform!

Show your face online! I know it can be awkward but it doesn’t have to be. Let me help you start showing up consistently with visual stories that relate to your band and connects you to your audience to grow your buisness! In one single session the 3E branding experience will have you showing up, standing out and helping you connect with your audience so your business can grow. If your ready to start growing your business contact me today.

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